Storage Office Lockers for Shared Spaces

Storage lockers for shared space is ideal where employees have workstations that are not assigned. With this arrangement, it is important to provide shared office lockers that each employee can place their purse, wallet, private items, or book they want to read at lunch. This directly affects morale and wellbeing. Our storage lockers can be customized to any size, color, or design. Call for a free consultation at 619-546-0872

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Top 12 Items to Help Employees Store in Office Lockers:

  1. Purse
    -Most women carry a purse and need a place to put this when they are not working. The office storage lockers enable employees to have a place to put their purse that is private, secure and tucked away, so the office looks clean.
  2. Wallet
    -If a man is working all day at the computer, they may or may not want to keep their wallet in their pocket. Having a shared locker storage space enables this flexibility.
  3. Gym Clothes
    -Companies want to encourage employees to work out, be healthy and move. Therefore, many employees bring workout clothes to the office that they can use during lunch or before/after work. Gym clothes are ideal to place in office lockers.

    After all, if they did not have a private storage locker, this bag would be on the floor making the workspace look unorganized.


    -It is important to drink a lot of water throughout the day. In addition, many companies are also trying to reduce the use of paper cups in the lunchroom. Therefore, encouraging employees to bring their own water container and having a place to put it when they need to store it is important. This helps employees stay hydrated and also benefits the planet.

  4. Kids activities
    Many employees have kids and need to bring items that they will be needing after work. This could be a whistle, a ball, or their kids homework.
  5. Lactating moms
    -Moms who are breastfeeding will need a place to put their bottles and pumps when they are not using them.
  6. Employees who carpool
    -For employees who carpool, they have to bring everything they need for work and after work. They don’t have a car to leave items in. Therefore, a personal storage locker in the office is very important.
  7. Private computers
    -Some moms have laptop computers that they take to their kids after school activities while waiting for them. These laptops can be stored in the private office lockers when they are working.
  8. Lunch and snacks 
    If employees bring lunch to work that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, private office storage is a great place to put this. Also some employees who are hypo glycemic need specific foods at regular time frames. With personal locked storage lockers, employees can bring foods and snacks they need for that day.
  9. Medicine
    -Employees need a private place to put any medicine that they may be taking for personal reasons. Locked private lockers help ensure that this medicine is safe from being tampered and private for the employees.
  10. Books, magazines and “personal items”
    It is good for employees to read a book or magazine while on lunch, but you don’t want this book to be advertised on their desk while they are working. An office locker makes this possible.
  11. Cards and birthday gifts for fellow employees
    If one colleague is surprising another with a card and a gift, a private storage locker is a great place to keep this a secret.

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