ESD Workbenches in San Diego California

ESD Workbenches Customized to Your Needs

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) anti-static workbenches in San Diego  can be customized exactly for your needs. A properly customized ESD workbench with ESD laminate will improve efficiency, be safe to work in environments where there is a discharge between objects and increase organization. Height adjustable and modular ESD workbenches are available. We can also help match the ideal ESD chair or stool with your workbench needs.  Call for a free consultation. 619-546-0872

Considerations with an ESD Workbench: 
1.What are the biggest challenges you are trying to solve?
2. What organizational goals do you have with your new workstations?
3. How could a new work bench improve productivity for your team?
3. Do you need the bench material to have protective ESD controls?
4. Are you placing tools or items in drawers that need ESD protection?
6. What type of work is being done will help determine the height of the optimal workbench for each employee.
7. Are you considering an electric height adjustable workbench to ensure employees can work at the proper height?
8. Does your organization have injuries while doing work on the benches?
9. What type of storage is needed?
10. What items on the workbench are never touched and could be removed?
11. What type of ESD seating are you using, is it supporting your employees ergonomically?

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