ESD Chairs and Stools

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Pacific Ergonomics provides the widest selection of electrostatic discharge (ESD) stools and chairs in San Diego. The ESD work stools and anti-static chairs are specifically designed to meet the ESD Association stand test method for the Protection of Electrostatic Discharge Susceptible Items- Seating Restive Measurement standard ESD STM12.1.

In addition, our team has ergonomic expertise to ensure that our ESD seating is the correct solution for the tasks. An ESD stool or chair still needs to be chosen correctly with ergonomic value to promote productivity and comfort.

ESD seating in San Diego

Why Are Electrostatic Chairs and Stools Important for San Diego Electronic Industries?

ESD stools help prevent the considerable risk there is with electronic workstations is posed by electrostatic discharge. This discharge can lead to considerable damage in production.

ESD work stools and anti static chairs from Pacific Ergonomics provide effective, consistent protection at the ESD workplace. All parts of a stool must be ESD compatible such as the upholstery, steel parts, plastic, castors and glides are conductible.

Key Factors in Choosing the Best ESD Seating, Chair or Stool in San Diego:

  1. ESD footrests and arms
  2. Chrome frames
  3. Ergonomic adjustments- the ESD chair needs to be ergonomic so employees are comfortable and productive
  4. Designed to protect from electrostatic discharge
  5. Flexible height adjustments to meet your specific needs
  6. Will promote employee productivity

ESD Chair Versus Using a ESD Floormat?

Even if an ESD chair mat is used, an ESD chair is still recommended. There are so many variables of risk that can occur when only an ESD mat is used. Versus an ESD chair decreases static potential both sitting and standing.

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