Vinyl Meo Lab stool in San Diego

Meo Stool

The Meo lab stool is available in San Diego from Pacific Ergonomics with our lab stool program. This lab stool has inviting curves and contours and provides the ultimate in ergonomic comfort. Call 619-546-0872 for additional information.



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The Meo lab stool is fully adjustable to provide maximum support! Relax and enjoy the feel of the enhanced thoracic ridge as it supports your back to improve circulation and concentration as you work. This stool accommodates up to 300 lbs. and has a ratchet back for easier adjustability. An additional air lumbar pump is available.

-The Meo ergonomic lab stool is available standard, petite and larger sizes.

Easy to Clean the Meo Healthcare Stool:

Cleanability: Both water and solvent-based solutions. Bleach cleanable – 4:1 water/bleach solution

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Pacific Ergonomic Laboratory Assessment Services:

If you need consultation and help in San Diego on finding the right stool for your needs, Pacific Ergonomics can help you. We also have certified and trained ergonomists to perform risk analysis and ergonomic assessments in the lab to decrease the risk of discomfort, injury, and Workers Comp claims.

Request a Call Back for Consultation and Ergonomic Assessment Services (619-546-0872)

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