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CL45EZ Lab Stool


The Cl45EZ and other quality ergonomic stools are made available for the San Diego area by Pacific Ergonomics. Call 619-546-0872 for more information.

The Office Master CL45EZ lab stool can be used for employees who are petite and standard in stature.

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In applications with a higher counter, this chair provides flexibility and durability, particularly in a laboratory setting. The adjustability this stool includes provides flexibility that labs need. Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing decreases discomfort in bank tellers.

The Office Master CL45EZ Lab Stool in San Diego Features:

  • Available in upholstery, leather, and vinyl
  • Includes a Pneumatic lift, a tilting backrest, a back height seat adjustment, a tilting seat, and a sliding seat.
  • Overall height: 27 inches
  • A 10 or 8-inch cylinder is available.
  • Memory foam upholstery or fire barrier
  • Seat height 20″Wx17-20.1″ D
  • Optionally add memory foam arm pads

The CL47 offers the same support with a different shape.

Produced by: Office Master

Call Pacific Ergonomics at 619-546-0872 for more information on the CL45EZ stool or if interested in creating a proactive ergonomic chair program in San Diego.

Are you looking for a wide option of ergonomic chairs including stools to fit all your company’s needs? Pacific Ergonomics can help create a proactive ergonomic chair program in San Diego including fabric chairs, all mesh, mesh back with an upholstered seat, or all upholstered. Call today for your free consultation.

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