On-Site Injury Prevention with a Physical Therapist

Pacific Ergonomics provides on-site early injury prevention services for companies in San Diego, San Francisco, OC and Los Angeles with licensed physical therapists. Each company is assigned a physical therapist who is scheduled to be on-site typically one to two days a week at a specific location.

Benefits of On-site Physical Therapist Injury Prevention Programs in Southern California

  • Combining OSHA First Aid Physical therapy with ergonomic best practice procedures is the ultimate of proactive preventative care.
  • Employees receive immediate support without going to the local clinic unnecessarily.
  • Insurance costs are reduced and costly Workers Comp claims are prevented.
  • On-site PT Injury prevention services decreases the risks of unnecessary recommendations from local clinics.
    -For example, lets say you have an employee in discomfort and has no one to talk to. They go to a local clinic. The doctor spends a few minutes and is quick to prescribe pain medication and tell them to take time off. This maybe will not solve the problem, and now your employee is off for five days. Nothing was solved, and now productivity is decreased.
  • With on-site physical therapy support, employees are provided the ultimate of proactive Injury prevention at their workplace.
  • With immediate help and support, your team will receive guidance that helps them get to the root of the problem.
  • As a result, this approach helps identify the risk quickly, provide appropriate corrective actions to decrease the risk, and enable the employee to remain most productive.

OSHA First Aid Treatment for Work Related Discomfort

On-site physical therapy is provided using OSHA First Aid guidelines, which can include the following:

Early discomfort notification system:
As a part of our on-site ergonomic injury prevention service, we will implement an early discomfort notification system. This is a crucial piece in this process as it helps us to identify the employees who are at the highest risk of developing an injury, allowing us to target our efforts directly towards them. This optimizes our time on-site and reduces waste, because the services we provide aren’t given out to employees who are not at risk of an injury. Rather, they are only given to those who are actively at risk. This approach maximizing the results while minimizing the time we are on-site. Some employees will never need to meet with us, others will need to be treated repeatedly.

  • Non Prescription medication at non-prescription strength
  • Ergonomic analysis, recommendations and layout changes
  • Engineering controls
  • Job rotation
  • Ergonomic postural recommendations
  • Kinesiotape
  • Massage
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Pre-shift stretch recommendations

Expected Results of an On-site Injury Prevention program in San Diego, OC, San Francisco and Los Angeles

  1. From a Human Resource standpoint, employees appreciate having an on-site Physical Therapist who is also a seasoned ergonomist.
  2. Set hours each week are key. People love consistency.
  3. Early aches and pains don’t turn into injuries.
  4. It is the ideal screening to ensure employees are totally taken care of before deciding if they need to go to a clinic.
  5. Pro-active approach to injury prevention that increases morale, reduces injuries,  reduces recordable and helps to lower rates and Workers Comp claims.
  6. All of our physical therapists are also seasoned, experienced ergonomists that include ergonomic assessments as part of the analysis. This is critical, as often ergonomic factors play a big factor in discomfort or accommodations that are needed.


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