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ErgoRest Extended Height Articulating Arm Support

The ErgoRest Arm Support helps support the arms in precision work. It helps with posture and can be used while sitting or standing to help avoid strain and muscles needed to get work done.

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Overview of the ErgoRest Arm Support:

The Ergorest offers complete support even in demanding working positions and situations. The extension pole increases support, allows you to hold your arms higher than the average desk surface. The support’s aluminum double support structure and support pad, upholstered in genuine leather, guarantee a supportive feel and unlimited range of movement.

Ergonomic Problems that the ErgoRest Arm Support Solves:

  • Extended periods of typing and mousing can cause muscle strain and injury
  • Often times people sit with bad posture, which can create long term damage
  • As discomfort gets wore, productivity is affected as well

Benefits of Using this Arm Support:

  • Encourages better seated and standing posture
  • Reduces workplace fatigue
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Minimizes work-related injuries

The ErgoRest is Recommended for:

The Ergorest is highly suitable for work in laboratories, industrial or dressmaking applications, or any other tasks which require precision work. It can also be used while standing, thereby significantly decreasing widespread muscular tension caused by strenuous working positions.


  • Provides comfortable arm, shoulder, and neck support without restricting motion
  • Ideal for assemblers working at one height level
  • Three pole sections adjust arm support up to 17-3/4″ above the work surface, extending ErgoRest up to 12″ over the work area. Standard clamp fits work surfaces up to 1-5/8″ thick. 5-1/8″ thick arm pad.
  • Also available in the ESD version, which provides static protection for assembly, inspection, and cleanroom operations.