GrandStands Lady Bug Keyboard Platform with Slide Lock Mouse


  • 24″ wide x 12″ deep rear-curved platform
  • Custom memory foam palm rest, non-skid pads for keyboard
  • Slide-Lock mouse attachment for maximum stability
  • ARC design allows elbows to stay closer to the body for ergonomic positioning
  • Mousing surface is ¼” above keyboard surface
  • Ideal for corner applications
  • Tray adjusts without a tool for infinite mouse positions including left or right hand mousing that provides maximum, rock-solid stability, comes standard with one Mouse Catcher
  • Ultra Strong ¼” thick phenolic life-time material


Grand Stands has just received a patent for this innovative mousing solution! Usable on either the left or right side of the platform Grand Stands continues to provide innovation, cutting edge ergonomics and price conscious yet feature driven solutions.

Producer: GrandStands