Workrite Compact Corner Diagonal

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Workrite compact corner diagonal converts 90° corners and diagonal corners (12″ to 17″) to usable work areas.

Moves operator 2″ closer to worksurface than model 179CD.

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Workrite Compact Corner Diagonal Features:

  • Creates Usable Work Area – Converts 90 degree curved and diagonal corners less than 17″ (12″ to 17″) to usable work areas.
  • Get Closer to Your Work – Moves operator 2″ closer to worksurface than model #179CD
  • Designed for #321RL – Specifically engineered to fit model #321RL Combo with Pinnacle 2 Arm
  • Versatile Application – Available for desks with 1.5″ in thickness and in color Black. Other colors available upon quotation with a minimum order of 50
  • Works with the pinnacle 2 and Pinnacle AD arms
  • Works with the following platforms: 188, 488, 2180S, 2181SN, 2100FT, 317RL, 2110D, 2110RL, 2110RLN, 321RL, 180, 187, 487
  • Dimensions: 17.5″ W x 8.75″D x 1.5″ H
  • Color: Black

There’s also a larger option if this one seems too small.

Producer: WorkRite

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 2 in



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